Roustabout & Other Jobs With Little or No Experience

Roustabout Oil Employment On The Oil Rigs

Oil employment is big these days due to the increasing demand for oil worldwide. Many people get oil jobs with little or no experience and still make a good salary. Most of these entry level oil jobs start at $50K/year. That’s why lots of unemployed people eagerly apply for roustabout work on the oil rigs.

How To Be Chosen for One of these Roustabout Oil and Gas Jobs

When it comes to getting chosen to fill oil and gas job vacancies, it’s not that different from other types of jobs. Despite this, you can’t just walk in and demand a job or expect to get hired if you don’t go about it in the right way. The one of the first things you have to do is get to know about the oil and gas industry.

While you may think those who get hired are just lucky, that’s not necessarily so. Some roustabout jobs are filled from within, as current workers move up the ladder, but there are usually some entry level onshore jobs as well as some where you work offshore.

While the roustabout competition may be pretty stiff,  if you are serious about getting one of these jobs, you will find out what the oil companies are looking for and make your resume so good that it stands out from all the rest.

Don’t get discouraged about the challenges, instead make it your ‘job’ to find out what they need, get the training  and provide the potential employer with the solution for their problems.

How to Apply for An Offshore Roustabout Job

When it comes to applying for roustabout employment offshore be careful about potentially wasting time and/or cash on fancy resume writing services.  Unless the resume writing service is geared to the information the oil and gas industry requires, you may just waste your money.  Many of the oil companies require applicants to complete an online application and you can also send a hard copy of your resume with copies of certificates, etc.  Whatever you do, make sure you get someone you trust to proofread your resume – it will go in the rubbish bin if the reader finds misspelled words.

Roustabout - Oil Rig Jobs No Experience

You could, of course, create a website for yourself that presents your skills, abilities and your reasons for wanting offshore or onshore oil rig work. Some of the recruitment sites will help you i this regard by providing a page on their site that presents your resume and other information.

There are also resume distribution services that specialize in helping people get oil jobs, with or without  experience. For a fee, these companies send your resume to hundreds of potential employers.

This service saves you lots of time since you don’t have to track down contact details or mail off hundreds of envelopes, keep track of what you sent where and then follow them up.

Follow-up is hugely important and is often used by oil companies to weed out people who aren’t very serious about getting or doing the job.



Receiving The Job Offer

Once you are chosen for one of the oil jobs with little experience, you will be entering into a very different world from what you are used to. The shifts are 12 hours long, seven days a week, often for three weeks straight, then you get three weeks off.  However, in exchange, you get a good salary, all your work clothes paid for, four square meals a day, a place to live and sleep, medical care, recreational facilities and more.

What Are the Oil Jobs With Little Experience?

The following is a list of some of the jobs you can get in the oil industry with little or no experience:


Salary Per Year*

Job Details


Roustabouts $52K – $55K Entry level – deals with the movements and work of the cranes, general maintenance and cleaning, and similar tasks.
Roustabout Maintenance Man  $45K – $48K This job handles maintenance, as well as cleaning and painting the exterior areas and decks.
Storeman $57K – $60K This person works with a computer, ordering and receiving all the supplies for the rig.
Scaffolder $55K- $58K They often travel from rig to rig, doing scaffolding work as and where required.
Painter $55K – $58K Painters on oil rigs are always busy since an oil rig is exposed to lots of salt water and wind, both of  which severely impact the paint.
Welder $60K – $63K Welders repair and deal with whatever is required for the metalwork on the rig. Some welders work on just one rig while others travel from rig to rig, wherever the work is.
Radio operator $60K – $63K This is an IT job and one of the few on the rig that doesn’t involve physical labor and working outdoors.
Electrician $62K – $88K Even without experience in the oil industry, you will need some training in the electrical trade.
Rig Safety &Training Coordinator $77K – $80K Leadership or communication skills as well as having computer knowledge are really helpful for this job.

Compared with similar positions outside the oil or gas industry, these oil jobs with little experience pay much more. The conditions this positions work in can be very challenging and are different from other industries but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth it for the money you could be earning.


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Roustabout & Other Jobs With Little or No Experience