Jobs On Oil Rigs No Experience

I Really Want to Work on the Oil Rigs, But have No Experience

Oil rig work in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter, is a dangerous occupation. If you’re thinking about getting an off shore oil rig job, be sure you know what you are getting into.

Experienced or no experience, you need to be comfortable working around heavy moving machinery and working high up in the oil rig scaffolding.

I don’t point this out to frighten you, in many ways, oil rigs are very safe places to work because of the heavy emphasis on safety and the very regular inspections of the machinery required because of the extreme environment the rigs operate in.

The conditions you’ll be working in for 12 hours a day are dirty and messy and if this working environment bothers you, get a desk job, because this isn’t for on oil rigs no experience


Entry Level Oil Jobs

Just because you don’t have any experience in the field don’t let that kill your dream of finding one of many entry level oil and gas jobs. Many people have found it’s still possible to hire onto offshore oil or gas rigs without any oil industry experience.

The two most popular oil rig drilling jobs are roustabout and roughneck; these are the entry level jobs people try to land, with or without experience.

Your chances of getting hired are always better if you’ve had some training and there are many good petroleum industry training programs that lay out the basics of oil platform jobs, along with an introduction to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Statistics bear out that joining one of these training programs pays off. They last 8 weeks at the most and if the training has been completed, 97 out of 100 graduates quickly find job placements.

Other Oil Rig Jobs

If you are interested in landing one of many oil rig jobs but need to find a less physical job than the roustabouts or roughnecks do, you may want to look into working in catering or housekeeping. The position of steward or stewardess is one of the less strenuous positions on an oil rig and requires no previous experience. In this oil rig work, you’ll have to serve meals, help out in the kitchen and work with the laundry. If you want to be a cook or kitchen manager you’ll need previous restaurant experience but not experience on an oil rig platform. The catering crew is often well-respected and liked by the other crew members since food is one of the few pleasures available when you’re living on an offshore oil rig. Gaining experience in catering can lead to a very satisfying career.

Because jobs on an oil rig are quite hard and often dangerous, the oil rig companies try to make the time spent on the rig as nice as possible. For example oil rig workers may live in accommodations similar to a fine hotel even though its out in the middle of the ocean. All the costs of food, room, laundry and travel to and from the rig are covered. Many rig jobs have a 30/30 day rotation which simply means you work 30 days on and then have 30 days off. Work that out with a calendar and you’ll find that’s half the year off!


Jobs On Oil Rigs No Experience - Catering – Roustabout


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  • David Blyth:

    John, would love some contacts for me to get offshore, that would be great

  • Francisco Guzman:

    Hi,im from Houston Tx and im looking for a job in the oil field i have 15 years experians on construccion,wierin,telecomunicacion, combine… i am a hardworking and im ready for this job. this is my telephon number 832 474 6698 Than you.

  • Slavko Nesic:

    I am Slavko Nesic from Belgrade, Serbia, Bsc of Petroleum Engineering, currently student at the Faculty of Mining and Geology (Belgrade) at the Master Studies of Petroleum Engineering and I am expecting to graduate during this summer.

    I am looking for a job on the oil field with rotation 30/30 or similar.

  • jeremiah kwao:

    Hi, I am Looking for an Entry level Job in Rig field,(Oil Rig Jobs)
    I have a health and good condition to work on Oil and Gas Industry (Onshore/Offshore)
    also I am hardworking.I am physically and mentally ready for this kind of job

  • Lynn Williams:

    Hello, Im looking for a position with no experience, like catering, or in housekeeping

  • Hamdun Adams:

    Hi i have been dream for a longtime to work with oil and gas rigs,I have much experiences in mining as I have been work for almost 15yrs as a driller Supervisor Trainer and Safety Officer,
    I am real interest to work offshore as a roustabout or Roughneck I am physical fit and high moral of performing such tasks that i will be given

  • Aarij:

    I am looking to work anywhere in oshfore rig
    i have stcw courses,cdc-panama.
    Plz any of the job for me plz.
    contect me 0563714723.

  • Fernando Trejo:

    Hello my name is Fernando Trejo I been wanting too work in the oil field for a while. I have no experience but I’m willing too hard n do anything. I want it too be a great career working in the oilfield. I’m from Corpus Christi Tx my #361-834-7422

  • Joey:

    Hello my name is Joey Harbin, I live near Houston Tx, and just graduated the fire academy, I have no experience off shore or on land in the oil field. I’m a hard worker, fast learner, and ambitious, I want to be able to be a provider for my family, which hasn’t been the case since I can’t get on without experience. I’ve been with the same office job for 4 years and would like any opportunity to go off shore. Is there anyone out there that could help me out? It would be much appreciated
    Thank you,
    Joey Harbin, Email:

  • santosh yadav:

    I want to do work as roustabout, I have stcw95 certificate but iam a fresher for oil rig field.I am physically and mentaly fit.please give me right direction.Thanks

  • Jeremy shedd:

    I’m 27 and I have always wanted to work in the oil field since I was just old enough too. I have alot of friends that are on a rig now . I know a good bit about the oil industry bit have never gotten the open opportunity. I’ve work the same job my whole life which is tree removal and working on diesel engines. I would really like to be in the tower as a tower hand or control operation. I have my passport and im ready too work asap . I’ll take any position available though. Thanks call me at 601-497-5805 or 601-201-8582 thank you

  • Derrick Donald:

    I currently work for Schlumberger Well Services. Ive been with them for 3years and previously worked for them a year. Im very interested in finding something offshore any help would be greatly appreciated…2146791170 Thank you

  • sureshraja:

    Hi, I am Looking for an Entry level Job in Rig field,(Oil Rig Jobs)
    I am completed diploma mechanical engineering(2010)& safety course finished.
    still i ma working in qatar.Machinery Fitter -nakilat keppel offshore marine ltd
    Plz any of the job for me plz.
    contect me 97474718991

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